Apr 17 2014

Seminar: Strategies to address and eliminate disruptive behavior in the workplace

TITLEBy Renee Thompson

Bullying in healthcare is a problem. It’s pervasive, destructive, and negatively impacts individuals, the nursing profession, the workplace, and ultimately the patients. One reason bullying has continued to thrive is because we haven’t learned how to address the behavior in our work environment. We often turn the other cheek, thus perpetuating the problem. When you add unresolved conflict into the environment, relationships and our ability to provide high quality, safe patient care suffers. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. This seminar teaches participants how to eliminate bad behavior, resolve conflict; and create nurturing and supportive work environments where nurses and patients thrive! Read the entire article on: RTConnections.com  

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Apr 16 2014

The legal ramifications of workplace bullying

Jonathan Trafimow, a partner and chairman of the employment law practice group at Moritt Hock & Hamroff in Garden City.By Bernadette Starzee

The much-publicized investigation into alleged bullying on the Miami Dolphins football team has brought workplace bullying into the national spotlight. More than a third of American workers say they’ve been bullied at work, according to a survey by the Workplace Bullying Institute, a national organization that defines workplace bullying as repeated, health-harming abusive conduct committed by bosses and/or co-workers. This may include verbal abuse, intimidation, humiliation and sabotage that prevents work from getting done. While bullying is not healthy for the victim or the workplace, it’s not necessarily unlawful. Though so-called “Healthy Workplace” bills have been introduced in 26 states since 2003, including New York, none of these anti-bullying bills have become law. Read the entire article on: Long Island Business News Related: Help for anyone being bullied at work  

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Apr 15 2014

Reports Show Recent Uptick In Hospital Violence

Hospital WorkersBy Christina Frangou

In December, an angry former patient walked into a medical office in Reno, Nev., and fatally shot urologist Charles Garo Gholdoian and injured two others before turning the gun on himself. In a note left at his home, the gunman made it clear he was targeting physicians, an act of revenge for what he deemed were errors made during a vasectomy years before, according to media reports. The tragedy was a real-life event of a scenario that many health care workers fear, unfathomable as it may be in a workplace dedicated to saving lives. Read the entire article on: GeneralSurgeryNews.com  

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Apr 14 2014

Businesses and Employees Should be Prepared for Workplace Violence

West Central Tribune logoBy Carolyn Lange

Along with conducting regular fire drills, Minnesota school students are now required to practice how to respond to an active shooter in the building. Schools practice because of an increasing number of deadly events all across the county – including twice in Minnesota — where students have been victims of violence. The latest incident happened Sunday when three people were killed in shootings at Jewish centers in Kansas. So it only makes sense that if schools have a plan and students and teachers know how to implement it, that businesses and employees should also be trained and prepared for violence in the workplace, said Vikki Sanders, during a business presentation Thursday at the Minnwest Technology Campus in Willmar. Employment Plus sponsored the event. Read the entire article on: West Central Tribune  

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Apr 11 2014

Dealing With Bullies

Bullying co-workerBy Sophia Parsons

Office bullying can take many forms. Sometimes, it's as simple as mockery. Frequent personal attacks that take the form of jokes are a common way for the office bully to operate. Other times, the situation will take a less visible form, as the victim is singled out for criticism in every aspect of their work, often in front of peers. The worst way to deal with this problem is to ignore it. Bullies prefer their victims to feel helpless. Start recording each incident. This will instantly make you feel better, as you look at the situation objectively. Make time to talk to the person (ask another person to come along, if you think that will make the conversation easier) and present your feelings. It's possible that aren't aware of the impact of their behaviour. If that doesn't work, you'll need to talk to your manager or HR department. The key to tackling a bully is to reduce their power in your life. Focus on finding ways to take control of the situation. Read the entire article on: Huffington Post Related: Help for anyone being bullied at work  

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Apr 11 2014

AU: Shedding light on public service workplace cyber bullying

Queensland University of Technology Phd student Felicity Lawrence is looking into the prevalence and consequences of a negative work place and cyber communication in the Australian public sector. Photo: Jay CronanBy Noel Towell

There's a lot we don't know about cyber-bullying in the public service workplaces. But there's no doubt about the devastating effects on a worker's mental health of online harassment from their colleagues, bosses and even members of the public. Now some groundbreaking research by an Australian University, backed by a UK institution looks set to shed some much-needed light on this murky side of our government workplaces. Queensland University of Technology PhD candidate Felicity Lawrence is looking for thousands of public servants and other government workers to complete a survey about their perceptions of cyber-bullying in their workplaces. Read the entire article on: The Sydney Morning Herald Related: Help for anyone being bullied at work  

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