Jul 24 2014

How to identify, report and prevent workplace violence

BizJournalBy Paul Jaeb

The prevalence of workplace violence in America today is stunning. Workplace violence caused the death of 780 Americans in 2011. According to the National Center for the Victims of Crime, millions of workers experience violence or the threat of violence in their workplace every year. Read the entire article on: BizJournels.com  

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Jul 23 2014

National Accounting Firm Gets Termination Right

Rubin Thomlinson LLP logoBy Ryan Campbell & Janice Rubin

In its recent decision in Diamantopoulos v. KPMG LLP, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice applauded the conduct of KPMG in managing (and ultimately terminating) an employment relationship involving reports of workplace violence and allegations of workplace harassment, discipline of the complainant employee for unrelated workplace behaviour, and accommodation of that employee’s subsequent approved and unapproved disability-related absences. Read the entire article on: Rubin Thomlinson LLP  

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Jul 22 2014

It’s all “just paperwork” until somebody gets hurt: be proactive in preventing workplace violence

LexologyBy Larry Pearlman

"Help, there is an angry man waving a gun around in the lobby!” These are the kinds of words no employer wants to hear and can make all other concerns seem trivial in comparison. Sadly, the statistics confirm what we regularly see on the cable news networks – workplace violence is one of the most common causes of on-the-job injuries. For example, the last time OSHA conducted a broad survey on the issue, more than half of all large employers reported at least one incident of violence over the prior year. Likewise, a 2012 Department of Labor survey demonstrated that 17% of all workplace fatalities are the result of violence Read the entire article on: Lexology.com  

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Jul 21 2014

Workplace bullying is real, but lawmakers must respond carefully


For some, the workplace is a battlefield. Bosses yell, colleagues threaten — all in the name of winning in the marketplace. But there is a meaningful difference between the normal strains of everyday work and the systematic targeting of colleagues for ridicule or abuse. The questions facing Massachusetts lawmakers are: Can that line between normal conflict and bullying be defined? And should the state set that definition by law, or let companies find it on their own? For now, it’s best to require companies to get a grip on the problem before imposing a legal cause of action. Read the entire article on: BostonGlobe.com Related: Help for anyone being bullied at work  

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Jul 18 2014

Why a workplace bully is too expensive to keep

TITLEBy Sophie Henshaw

The most powerful argument you can make to get rid of a workplace bully is to build a financial case for why the person is just too expensive to keep. Surprisingly, it is a strategy that is rarely, if ever, used and cost of bullying calculators are hard to find. I have put together my own for you to use. Read the entire article on: http://psychcentral.com Related: Help for anyone being bullied at work  

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