Dec 06 2011

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Aventis Acomplia

Aventis Acomplia, By Ben Schneiders, The Age

Domestic violence is directly linked with performance and productivity at thousands of Australian workplaces, a study has found.

In the federal government-funded survey of 3611 workers, mostly women, 20mg Aventis Acomplia, 30 per cent said they had suffered family violence at some stage in their lives. 1000mg Aventis Acomplia, Nearly half of those who had experienced violence said it affected their ability to get to work, including by being injured or in some cases even sexual assault or attempted murder.

The impact on productivity included everything from being tired and late for work, Aventis Acomplia australia, to abusive and threatening phone calls, Aventis Acomplia canada, emails and even physical injuries that prevented them from working. About one in five reported that domestic violence continued at work, with abusive partners showing up there, 750mg Aventis Acomplia.


Anti-domestic violence campaigners say keeping women in work and free from harassment are crucial to lowering the levels of violence, Aventis Acomplia. It can also improve workplace productivity and they want to see a right to family violence leave become universal. 500mg Aventis Acomplia, The first workplace agreement giving staff 20 days of family violence leave was struck in September 2010 between Victoria's Surf Coast Shire Council and the Australian Services Union. Since then take-up has been rapid, with more than 300, 750mg Aventis Acomplia,000 workers covered by changes to awards in the New South Wales public sector or other workplace agreements at organisations such as Queensland Rail. Aventis Acomplia mexico, The survey, undertaken by the University of NSW, was distributed through unions, 40mg Aventis Acomplia. Aventis Acomplia, ACTU president Ged Kearney said yesterday unions would push for the right to leave to become more widespread through changes to awards and bargaining at workplaces.

Ms Kearney said the survey results were ''astounding'', Aventis Acomplia india, with so many reporting abuse.

''The last thing you want is for women to lose financial independence,'' she said.

''It compounds a very serious situation.''

Ludo McFerran, from the Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse, said domestic violence was a major cost to employers and an Access Economics report put the annual cost in lost productivity in 2002-03 at $500 million.

Educational Resources for Domestic Abuse

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