Feb 03 2010

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Withdrawel Symptoms Of Prozac

from news.com.au Withdrawel Symptoms Of Prozac, More than half of nurses are attacked while tending to patients and more than 90 per cent are verbally abused, a report has found.

The report also says most nurses fail to formally disclose the incidents because they believe violence and abuse come with the job.

A study of 113 nurses, Withdrawel Symptoms Of Prozac craiglist, published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing, shows three-quarters of those providing private and public care suffer workplace violence.

But research team leader Rose Chapman, from Perth's Curtin University of Technology, 20mg Withdrawel Symptoms Of Prozac, said only one in six incidents were taken further because many nurses felt workplace violence "was just part of the job".

Within the study group, 50mg Withdrawel Symptoms Of Prozac, which comprised mostly female nurses aged in their early 40s, 92 per cent said they had been verbally abused, 69 per cent had been physically threatened and 52 per cent had been physically assaulted.

In total, 2354 incidents were reported to the research team, with nurses facing an average of two to 46 incidents a year, Withdrawel Symptoms Of Prozac.

Dr Chapman said the 113 nurses had an average service of just under 18 years, Withdrawel Symptoms Of Prozac canada, with about two-thirds working part-time.

A quarter of the nurses were abused on average once a week, 30mg Withdrawel Symptoms Of Prozac, 27 per cent every month and 25 per cent every six months.

The remainder had not experienced any violence.

The number and nature of incidents varied depending on what department the nurses worked in. Withdrawel Symptoms Of Prozac, Incidents were most frequent in the emergency department, where staff reported an average of 46 incidents over the previous year, and in mental health, where the average was 40 incidents.

The incident rate fell dramatically among midwives and surgical and paediatric staff, Withdrawel Symptoms Of Prozac us, to levels as low as two incidents a year.

Forty per cent of staff said they had been involved in an incident with a weapon, Withdrawel Symptoms Of Prozac uk, with three per cent saying this was a weekly occurrence.

Weapons used in these incidents, which were more common to emergency and mental health facilities, included guns and knives, 250mg Withdrawel Symptoms Of Prozac. Hospital equipment was also used to attack staff.

Despite experiencing more problems, nurses working in emergency departments were even less likely to report incidents than staff in other areas, Dr Chapman said, Withdrawel Symptoms Of Prozac.

"The nurses in our study were reluctant to report episodes of workplace violence unless they considered the event to be serious, Withdrawel Symptoms Of Prozac japan, " Dr Chapman said.

"This finding was supported by a retrospective audit of the hospitals formal incident reports, which showed that 96 per cent of the reporting nurses had received one or more injuries as the result of a violent incident in the workplace."

Dr Chapman said understanding why nurses do or do not report incidents is important, since this could help educators and administrators develop programs that help reduce workplace violence, Withdrawel Symptoms Of Prozac india.

"Further research on how individuals adapt to violence in the workplace is also warranted," she said.

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