Dec 08 2009

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Diabetes Insipidus Tetracycline

from abc.net.au Diabetes Insipidus Tetracycline, The Australia Nursing Federation says nurses need to be protected from assaults by drunk and drug-affected patients. 1000mg Diabetes Insipidus Tetracycline, The union is urging state and federal governments to use upcoming changes to Occupational Health and Safety laws to make hospitals safer for nurses.

It has proposed introducing panic buttons in emergency wards, Diabetes Insipidus Tetracycline coupon. 30mg Diabetes Insipidus Tetracycline, The Federation's federal secretary, Ged Kearney, Diabetes Insipidus Tetracycline paypal, Diabetes Insipidus Tetracycline overseas, says nurses are increasingly being physically and verbally abused by patients.

"Hospitals in particular are quite dangerous places, Diabetes Insipidus Tetracycline coupon. Nurses, our members, are reporting more and more abuse from patients and relatives," she said, Diabetes Insipidus Tetracycline. 40mg Diabetes Insipidus Tetracycline, "It's not always physical abuse but there are instances definitely of physical abuse, but certainly verbal abuse and threats, Diabetes Insipidus Tetracycline ebay, 150mg Diabetes Insipidus Tetracycline, and it's really not a safe place to work all the time."

Ms Kearney says nurses do not always feel they can report the violence.

She says state and federal governments should compel employers to consult with staff about health and safety issues as they occur, 100mg Diabetes Insipidus Tetracycline.

"We really want the new OH and S laws to empower the workers, empower our nurses to feel that they can go to their employers and say, 'Hey, we're really worried about our workplace'," she said.

"We want to make sure that the nurses are involved in the discussions about building safe workplaces and having measures there to help them."

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