Mar 18 2010

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Acomplia Pounds Lost

Acomplia Pounds Lost, By Trevor Stokes, TimesDaily.com

Russellville police Capt. Shannon Oliver sought to raise awareness about workplace violence prevention Wednesday to members of the Franklin County Development Authority, an issue that has come front and center after a triple homicide at the University of Alabama Huntsville.

"This is everybody's problem, 1000mg Acomplia Pounds Lost," Oliver said.

Employee gripes are common, Acomplia Pounds Lost canada, but some people take gripes personally, and situations can escalate into violence, Oliver said.

He said a key to preventing violence is for employers to respect and listen to employees, Acomplia Pounds Lost coupon.

Still, situations between employees and employers can escalate into threats or even the perception of violence, Acomplia Pounds Lost.

Nearly 5 percent of U.S. private businesses had incidences of workplace violence in the past 12 months, 10mg Acomplia Pounds Lost, according to a 2005 survey of 7.1 million businesses conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Larger businesses reported more violent workplace incidents, according to the survey, Acomplia Pounds Lost australia. Acomplia Pounds Lost, For example, in work places with 10 or fewer employees, 2.4 percent of businesses reported workplace violence. In companies with more than 1,000 employees, 50mg Acomplia Pounds Lost, half of those businesses surveyed reported workplace violence.

In one local case, an employee had a known history of mental illness and after bouts of shouting and questionable behavior, his retail employer wanted to fire him, Acomplia Pounds Lost craiglist, said Dawn Huntszinger, employer development coordinator for the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services. 500mg Acomplia Pounds Lost, The retailer worried that the employee was a safety threat for other employees and customers, said Huntszinger, who declined to name the retailer.

She advised the retailer to contact the police for guidance, Acomplia Pounds Lost ebay. Eventually, the employee in question quit after his hours were cut back, Acomplia Pounds Lost.

"There's a lot of gray areas" to workplace violence, Huntszinger said. Acomplia Pounds Lost india, Oliver said employers should look for symptoms among employees that include:

- homicidal or suicidal comments.

- interest in previous cases of workplace violence.

- rapid changes in behavior such as extreme disorganization or beginning to talk about weapons. Acomplia Pounds Lost, In another case, a husband, while going through a divorce, harassed his wife at the bank she worked for, Oliver said.

Her boss started to punish her for the distraction her husband created. When she explained the situation to her boss, her employer was more supportive of her.

Oliver spent eight hours at the bank outside of Russellville acting as a copy machine repairman before spotting the husband, who was arrested.

"After the Huntsville situation with the professor, you really don't want to take chances," Huntszinger said.

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