May 22 2012

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The Real Healthcare Reform: How Embracing Civility Can Beat Back Burnout and Revive Your Healthcare Career Zithromax Z-pak, A shameful culture of incivility has infected the healthcare workplace. It's leaving healthcare workers feeling exhausted, hopeless and dissatisfied. Incivility in healthcare (which includes backstabbing, 1000mg Zithromax Z-pak, bullying and belittling) chases good people away from the field at a time when we need them the most. But, 30mg Zithromax Z-pak, that's not even the worst part. Incivility in the healthcare workplace also leads to dangerous and sometime deadly medical errors, poor patient satisfaction, higher employee turnover and higher healthcare costs for consumers, 500mg Zithromax Z-pak.

The problem of incivility is so serious that The Joint Commission recently issued new regulations on reporting, disciplining and preventing such situations in healthcare environments, Zithromax Z-pak.

The new book, "The Real Healthcare Reform" answers the Joint Commission’s call for civility training in healthcare. 20mg Zithromax Z-pak, This book is the first part of a comprehensive, new civility training program currently being developed by two experienced and knowledgeable North Carolina nurses.

“Most healthcare workers will admit to either having witnessed or been the victim of incivility while at work,” says Linda Leekley, Zithromax Z-pak mexico, BS RN. “Unfortunately, Zithromax Z-pak uk, a majority of those workers do nothing to report or resolve the matter. Zithromax Z-pak, Why. Because that’s just the way things have always been.”


Civility training in healthcare has the potential to improve patient care, strengthen team relationships and create an atmosphere that energizes and inspires those who are in it. Arming healthcare workers with the right tactics and strategies can reverse the culture of incivility and eliminate the toxic atmosphere that pollutes the workplace, Zithromax Z-pak overseas.
“Healthcare professionals who embrace civility are less likely to quit or "job hop," and are less apt to burn out, 750mg Zithromax Z-pak, bully or "eat their young," says Stacey Turnure, RN.

The book’s authors believe that real healthcare reform goes beyond politics, Zithromax Z-pak japan. Real healthcare reform lies in reversing the culture of incivility that is making everyone sick.

"The Real Healthcare Reform: How Embracing Civility Can Beat Back Burnout and Revive Your Healthcare Career" is currently available for purchase from EmbracingCivility.com and Amazon.com. Zithromax Z-pak ebay, The accompanying instructor manual will be released July 2012.

Source: PRWeb

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