Feb 15 2013

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By Gabrielle Banks Cipro Hc Otic, Schaun D. Henry was leading an onsite training session on violence prevention in the workplace when a stranger barged into the room, Cipro Hc Otic uk, Cipro Hc Otic india, headed straight for him and threatened: “I have a gun.”

The participants looked shaken as they sat frozen in place -- until Henry, a partner at the Harrisburg, Cipro Hc Otic coupon, 750mg Cipro Hc Otic, Pa., law firm of McNees Wallace & Nurick, 150mg Cipro Hc Otic, Cipro Hc Otic japan, explained that the assailant was actually his colleague and the exercise was meant to illustrate the lack of a contingency plan.

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