Aug 27 2013

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Mobbed. A Survival Guide to Adult Bullying and Mobbing

A Survival Guide to Adult Bullying and Mobbing

by Janice Harper
A guidebook to how and why bullies turn into mobs, Cheap Zithromax 1g us, 10mg Cheap Zithromax 1g, how to control and cope with workplace aggression, how to file complaints and handle internal and external investigations, 20mg Cheap Zithromax 1g, 1000mg Cheap Zithromax 1g, and how to control your own emotions and reactions when you are falling apart from the unrelenting attacks--and making bad decisions. Departing from traditional approaches to "bullies, Cheap Zithromax 1g australia, Cheap Zithromax 1g uk, " anthropologist Janice Harper shows how even kind and humane people will become cruel and inhumane in the context of group aggression.

Janice Harper is a cultural anthropologist with an expertise in organizational cultures, Cheap Zithromax 1g japan, 250mg Cheap Zithromax 1g, warfare and structural violence. She regularly writes on the topic of workplace aggression for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today, Cheap Zithromax 1g. In Mobbed, Cheap Zithromax 1g usa. A Survival Guide to Adult Bullying and Mobbing, she shares some of her own experiences as the target of a mobbing run amuck, and the insights she has gained from not just her own experience and research in human behavior, but from interviews and conversations she has had with countless people who have been mobbed or bullied in the workplace or community.

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