May 05 2011

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from HR Learning Center Illinois Tetracycline, A ½ day Workplace Violence Prevention Seminar to help prevent instances of violence in your workplace. This public training seminar will provide tips to help you manage your risk and avoid liability for any incidents of violence that may occur. This seminar will be presented by employment law expert, Melissa Fleischer, Esq. and law enforcement security consultant, Fred Leland, 50mg Illinois Tetracycline, Jr.

DATE: May 11, 2011

TIME:11:00a.m. 3:00 p.m, Illinois Tetracycline. (Lunch Included)

Holiday Inn Express
707 South Washington St,
North Attleboro, MA 02760

PRICE: $199


WHO SHOULD ATTEND: HR Professionals, Security Directors, 750mg Illinois Tetracycline, Managers, Business Owners, College Public Safety Officers, College HR Directors


- What to Include in your Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

- The Definition of Workplace Violence

- Who Can Engage in Workplace Violence

- How To Recognize the Warning Signs of Workplace Violence

- What Resources You Have in your Workplace To Help Prevent Violence

- ADA Requirements When Mental Health Issues Intersect with Workplace Violence

- How to Conduct a Thorough Threat Assessment

- Methods to Make your Workplace Safer

- Tips To Prevent and Resolve Conflict in your Workplace

- Techniques to Avoid Legal Liability

Sign-up On-line
E-mail us at info@hrlearningcenter.com
Call us at 914-417-1715

HR Learning Center LLC has partnered with Law Enforcement Security Counseling to provide you with the most up-to-date cutting edge workplace violence prevention programs there can be. Having both an employment attorney, Melissa Fleischer, Illinois Tetracycline japan, Esq., and a security expert, Fred Leland, Jr. will provide you with the most comprehensive and cutting-edge workplace violence prevention seminar in existence today.

Ms. Illinois Tetracycline, Fleischer is the Founder and President of HR Learning Center LLC, a human resources consulting firm specializing in the area of employment law. Ms. Fleischer is a management-side employment attorney with over twenty (20) years experience and is nationally recognized as an expert in her field, Illinois Tetracycline coupon. She has successfully represented numerous clients in employment discrimination litigation as well as providing preventive counseling and training on workplace issues. Ms. Fleischer is a frequent lecturer on a wide range of employment law topics including seminars and workshops on Workplace Violence Prevention, Anti-Harassment Training, FMLA/ADA Training other employment law issues, Illinois Tetracycline. She has authored numerous articles on workplace violence prevention. Ms Fleischer is also a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

As President of HR Learning Center LLC, Ms. Illinois Tetracycline australia, Fleischer provides proactive solutions to management on a variety of employment law issues including workplace violence prevention, sexual and unlawful harassment, FMLA and ADA. Illinois Tetracycline, Ms. Fleischer provides on-site and on-line training seminars on important employment law topics such as workplace violence prevention. Ms. Fleischer can be contacted at 914-417-1715 or via e-mail at Melissa.fleischer@hrlearningcenter.com.

Fred T. Leland, Jr. is the Founder and Principal Trainer of LESC: Law Enforcement & Security Consulting (www.lesc.NET), and a certified instructor on firearms, terrorism prevention and response and prevention and managing violent encounters, Illinois Tetracycline. His focus is presenting training seminars to law enforcement, 250mg Illinois Tetracycline, military, public and private security professionals.

In addition to his work with LESC, Fred Leland is an active Lieutenant with the Walpole (MA) Police Department. He previously worked as a deputy with the Charlotte County (FL) Sheriffs Department, and before that spent six years with the United States Marine Corp as a squad leader Beirut, Illinois Tetracycline india, Lebanon. Leland is an accomplished trainer with more than 28 years experience teaching law enforcement and security professionals, certified in numerous programs including dynamic encounters; threat assessment; decision making; violence prevention; fire arms; use of force; incident command; and anti-terrorism. Illinois Tetracycline, A 2004 graduate of the FBI National Academy Class 216, Fred specialized in terrorism related topics, leadership and management. He is also an instructor for the Massachusetts Municipal Police Training Committee where he teaches decision making, use of force, terrorism, leadership, ethics, Illinois Tetracycline coupon, and incident command to veteran law enforcement officers.

He founded Law Enforcement and Security Consulting, Inc (LESC) in 2006 with the focus of bringing these principles to law enforcement and security. Fred Leland is a student of the teachings of the late modern day strategist, Col. John Boyd, Illinois Tetracycline canada, and the ancient strategist, Sun Tzu. A key component in much of LESC Training is the Boyd Cycle, also known as the OODA Loop, Illinois Tetracycline. The cycle consist of a tactical decision making process which, when understood and utilized properly, improves response times, confidence and resolve. Through development of powers of observation, orientation, Illinois Tetracycline paypal, decision and action (OODA) and the implementation of these individual processes in a repetitive cycle, officers improve both their ability to correctly assess threats and the reaction time needed to deal with them.

LESC is a licensed trainer through the Science of Strategy Institute which focuses on bringing the time tested and proven methods of Sun Tzu to, businesses looking to improve their overall organizational performance.

Together, Melissa Fleischer, Esq. and Fred Leland combine their individual strengths and vast experience to make their joint workplace violence prevention training the best you will find. Contact us today at info@hrlearningcenter.com or 914-417-1715 to find out more or schedule your workplace violence prevention training seminar.

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