Oct 25 2013

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By Hugh Pelmore
Hugh Pelmore Retin A Products, Managing Customer Harassment and Bullying Behaviours
In response to Bill 14, Bill 168 and other Provincial legislation, organizations recognize that their employees need the confidence and skills to respond appropriately to bullying and harassing behaviours directed at them by customers, clients as well as co-workers.

Customer Harassment and Bullying
For a number of reasons including personal safety, employees, at times, 200mg Retin A Products, need to use a different approach when dealing with challenging customer behaviours as opposed to what they might say or do in response to unwanted co-worker behaviours. Simply directing staff to set limits or refuse service when customers raise their voices, Retin A Products usa, swear, display aggression or exhibit other abusive behaviours will often result in escalated customer behaviours and subsequently increases risk to workers. WorkSafeBC (Bill 14) and Ontario's Ministry of Labour (Bill 168) did not introduce legislation in order to increase the risk of customer violence in an effort to prevent personal harassment and bullying from customers or clients.

Managing customer behaviours doesn’t mean that employees “have to take it.” Workers require the necessary tools to assess dynamic situations, 10mg Retin A Products, remain objective, maintain self-control and understand that they have safe and effective choices for how they might respond. Safety has to remain the priority and defusing becomes the focus, Retin A Products. Retin A Products coupon, Legal discussions, policies and reporting procedures are unlikely to assist workers in the prevention and successful management of harassing behaviours nor truly strengthen an organization’s case for due diligence.

According to Bill 14, workers are required to report such behaviours, Retin A Products mexico. In the case of escalated and potentially volatile situations, post incident follow up is an effective and safe way to support workers while managing future behaviours of customers and clients. 250mg Retin A Products, Zero tolerance should be about what the organization is prepared to do in response to their worker safely managing a situation or incident rather than simply saying to workers “you don’t have to tolerate that behaviour, so set limits or refuse service.” Ouch. Retin A Products, Organizations will need to think carefully about the wording of policies as well as their choice of training curriculum. Regulatory compliance is a concern for many Canadian employers, but ultimately the cost of incidents, Retin A Products japan, claims, employee absenteeism, 1000mg Retin A Products, turnover, service motivation and loss of productivity should be of highest concern.

ARETE Service to SafetyTM workplace violence prevention training provides your workers with the skills to safely and effectively deal with customer abuse and harassment as well as safely respond to threats and acts of customer/client violence. ARETE training has proven to not only minimize risk but also reduce employee stress, Retin A Products uk, while increasing confidence, service motivation and morale. Retin A Products paypal, Hugh Pelmore is the President and CEO of ARETE safety and protection inc., a Canadian firm that specializes in training and consultation for workplace violence prevention and conflict management. Hugh has facilitated more than 4500 workplace violence prevention and conflict management workshops within virtually every industry sector and is recognized as one of Canada’s leading experts. ARETE clients include the Provincial Government of BC, WorkSafeBC, WorkSafeNB, Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba, the University of Western Ontario, BC Hydro, YVR and the City of Vancouver.

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