Jul 12 2010

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Acomplia On Obesity

Press Release from Public News Service Acomplia On Obesity, Of the 14 new public safety laws that have taken effect in Virginia this month, one will provide extended protections to victims of domestic violence and stalking. Susheela Varky, 150mg Acomplia On Obesity, an attorney with the Virginia Poverty Law Center, says the new law will make gaining protection much easier for victims who feel they are still in danger - even when their original protective order is about to expire.

"To protect the health and safety of a victim of family abuse and her family or household members, 100mg Acomplia On Obesity, she can potentially get an extension without having to show a new incident of family abuse."

Varky, Acomplia On Obesity paypal, who chairs the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Action Alliance, says historically, victims of family abuse had to file for a new court order, 200mg Acomplia On Obesity, and the protections were limited to family or household relationships, Acomplia On Obesity japan, such as spouses or live-in partners.

"But what if you don't have that household-member relationship. It covers stalking, Acomplia On Obesity us, serious bodily injury and sexual battery; that's the other type of protective order."

A protective order has to be granted initially by a judge after a hearing. It can prohibit the perpetrator from further violence and further contact with the victim and family members, as well as provide any other relief necessary to keep them safe, Acomplia On Obesity. Acomplia On Obesity japan, Protective orders typically last up to two years. The new law, a result of SB 468 and HB 930, 40mg Acomplia On Obesity, provides for limitless extensions of these orders. Acomplia On Obesity paypal, It is supported by the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police, Gov. McDonnell and the Action Alliance, 1000mg Acomplia On Obesity.

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