Oct 15 2009

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Lumigan Drug, By Alyssa Longobucco, The Circle

There are many instances where tragedies fall under the media radar, and are mourned only by those in close proximity. Then there are those tragedies that become the hallmark of a generation, where the victim becomes the "poster-child" for advocacy and change.

Such is the case with Annie Le, 100mg Lumigan Drug, the 24-year-old Yale student that recently disappeared and was later found dead. The pharmacology student, who was conducting research on mice as part of a graduate team, was found stuffed into a laboratory wall on what would have been her wedding day.

The accused, Lumigan Drug us, 24-year old Raymond Clark III, came in daily contact with Le in the Yale lab where he worked as an animal-services technician. Clark is said to have sent Le threatening e-mails and text messages regarding the testing the team was doing on the mice, Lumigan Drug. The homicide has now been declared an instance of "workplace violence" by the New Haven Police. 50mg Lumigan Drug, As Chief James Lewis recently stated in a press conference, "This is not about urban crime, about university crime, domestic crime, but an issue of workplace violence, Lumigan Drug japan, which is becoming a growing concern around the country."

For college students like myself, who are in a few years going to be thrust into the work force, the case of Annie Le serves as an eye-opening example of emerging new dangers. Lumigan Drug canada, I've been educated, as most 20-something women have, about the perils of our modern world and how to keep myself safe and out of harms way. Never go anywhere alone, always have your finger on the panic button when walking in a parking lot, Lumigan Drug mexico, and keep a close eye on your drink when out with friends. Lumigan Drug, Up until now, violence in the workplace was never mentioned on the list of circumstances to protect myself from.

As a disturbing new trend, workplace violence has increased exponentially in the recent years. 10mg Lumigan Drug, While what usually comes to mind when considering workplace violence is robberies and holdups, the statistics prove this is not the case.

According to the U.S Department of Labor Occupational Health and Safety Administration, workplace homicide accounts for the fourth-leading cause of fatal occupational injury in the United States. Statistics indicated that there were 564 workplace homicides in 2005, 1000mg Lumigan Drug, a number that is only steadily increasing with the downing economy and increasing pressure in the workplace.

I can't help but think more could have been done to prevent the horrible murder of Le, Lumigan Drug. It's unclear at this point whether Le ever reported the harassment she was receiving from Clark to the college, or whether Yale implements background checks on employees. Lumigan Drug uk, If so, the situation with Clark, who had a previous run in with law enforcement after allegedly getting physical with a high school girlfriend, may have been prevented.

There is not shortage of unfortunate details revealed in the on going investigation in to Le's murder, 200mg Lumigan Drug, most notably the emergence of an article Le wrote before her death entitled "Crime and Safety in New Haven".

The tragedy of Le cautions others to be aware in order to avoid becoming yet another statistic. With the Yale community and the nation notably saddened over the death of Le, it's obvious that her death will not remain a mere statistic. Hopefully it will serve as a catalyst, encouraging young women, and others to educate themselves on the dangers of workplace violence.

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