Jan 19 2010

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Lumigan Patient Comments

Lumigan Patient Comments, By Steve Giegerich, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

An interview last week with Canadian security expert Ross Arrowsmith about the ABB Inc. shootings that left four dead on Jan. 7, Lumigan Patient Comments usa, including the gunman, left me with a couple of recurring thoughts.

First, there is the Website that drew me to Arrowsmith, the co-founder of workplaceviolencenews.com, 150mg Lumigan Patient Comments, in the first place.

I have a feeling I’m not the only one who was disheartened to learn workplace carnage has become so ubiquitous that an entire site is now devoted to data and research on the subject, Lumigan Patient Comments. (Case in point: ABB had yet to bury all its dead before it happened again — on Jan. 12 a disgruntled employee gunned down five co-workers, Lumigan Patient Comments mexico, killing three, at an Atlanta truck rental facility.)

Then there was Arrowsmith’s observation about minimizing the damage should someone turn up at the workplace armed and ready to create mayhem.

Companies large and small, Arrowsmith notes, have long prepared for the possibility of one possible disaster by requiring employee participation in fire drills, Lumigan Patient Comments india. Why, he asks, don’t businesses take similar precautions to protect workers should rampage unfold during working hours. Lumigan Patient Comments, The question is rhetorical. 500mg Lumigan Patient Comments, Obviously, no wants to imagine it can happen in their office, factory or shop. Which is precisely, we can assume, 250mg Lumigan Patient Comments, what the employees at ABB believed two weeks ago.

I called Arrowsmith back on Monday asked him to put on the hat he wears when conducting safety drills at companies honest enough to acknowledge that violence could, in fact, 750mg Lumigan Patient Comments, occur in their place of business.

Surviving a workplace shooting, he said, requires each employee to come up with a Plan A and a Plan B. Plan A is always “get as far away from the source of the problem as possible” because…, Lumigan Patient Comments.

Plan B — hiding — is not much of an option at all, Lumigan Patient Comments overseas. Arrowsmith says workers that take cover under desks or in offices that lack a viable means of escape place themselves at the mercy of the shooter.

The secret to survival, he said, 20mg Lumigan Patient Comments, is to always be aware of your surroundings. Whether at your desk, chatting with a colleague down the hall, grabbing a snack in the cafeteria or drying your hands in the washroom, he advises employees always make a quick mental note of the nearest exit, Lumigan Patient Comments paypal.

Remember, Arrowsmith emphasizes, the number one priority in the event the unthinkable erupts where you go about your business each day is “get out of there.”

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